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proposals to senator harry reid. the house has submitted proposals and paul ryan passed a budget. but senator harry reid, he won't consider it. and he won't encourage his senate budget committee to do anything. absolutely nothing. it's a pocket veto and stops the budget from going forward. >> in fairness to pall and all john boehner, every year the republicans have been in the majority in the house in this administration, the house has passed a budget -- both times. the senate -- the majority leader won't even bring it up. and the republicans bring up obama's budget to -- as an amendment to force the democrats' hand. but if the president leads, i happen to believe the president must be telling the democrat leader, don't do it. if the president starts telling him now, we are going to try to really get something done, i assume the democratic leader will do what the president says. >> caller: i am not here to defend why the president didn't do t. all of these budgets twould have been so simple. he's the leader of the party. if the holdup is harry reid, a democrat, couldn't he just c
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turnout is down radically. the republican counties are up. i think paul ryan and frankly people in wisconsin, as you know as a good cheese head, people in wisconsin are very proud of the local boy doing well and i think ryan is likely to help carry the state. my guess is wisconsin will go for romney. >> president bill clinton, we brought up pennsylvania. i thought it unusual that he -- the fact that he was going to pennsylvania for president obama this late was actually case that the obama campaign was not so certain that that is locked up? >> the fact that romney was in bucks county sunday night for a huge rally, i think over 30,000 people, the fact that he's coming back to pittsburgh which we are told is the second biggest area of democrats for romney after north carolina, is a bag indicator. the fact that karl rove's group, he himself said has put $2 million in advertising this week into pennsylvania tells you pennsylvania is a plan. i agree with you," it's smart to send bill clinton is because obama can't help himself. there are though votes there that he doesn't have that a
for the republican ticket governor romney. vice presidential candidate paul ryan is also speaking at a rally. this one in castle rock, colorado. let's briefly listen in. of revenge. [crowd booing] >> we are asking for your are vote out of love of country. that is what americans do. and the way we are doing this is we believe we should not just give you vague platitudes or run against the other are guy or try and tear down the other guy. we give you ideas. the reason we keep talking about the five point plan s we leave we ought to respect you our fellow citizens by giving you specific solutions. real reforms for a real recovery that get people what back to work. we have so is much energy in this country. let's put people back to work. let's get jobs. it is right in front of us. it is right here. and for those men and women who are struggling, who are falling behind or in between jobs get the bureaucracy out of the way and get them the skills they need orchids stuck in struggling schools in the inner city and rural area let the parents take them out of a school and put them in a good school th
music. >> they are nervous a little bit. he is following paul ryan. it says look this is a fire wall but may be about to bridge. look at the close of mitt romney. it was gracious, nice, uplifting. voting is the rest revenge. >> he changed it a little bit. that tells mesy remember in 2008 they out lived soon we are going to do it 6789 where is his enhsus. from gopt hill coin fon. he gets people laughing and talking. president obama doesn't have that fireness. >> heard president obama was a great speaker with the teleprompter. i think he was held by being up there in the disaster area. when he gets back on the road with rom peenesia he has the pu of the presidency and another candidate like someone in the primaries going against unanother. that dumb minute nishes the president. it interrupted if he got himself in that pulpit and squashed the benghazi thing for a week. i think he has been going to where he looked. >> it is 5shgs 6, 7 points. they have national polls right now. i always pay attention to ohio and colorado. do the goals mean anything? >> if mitt romney were to win for minn
. but the idea was all of the supporters here tonight supporting mitt romney and paul ryan and starting tomorrow morning they will all be in the different parts of the country probably mostly in the swing states. >> greta: is there any way to when he sure, ohio tonight? i know that everyone on the republican side says governor romney is going to win and everybody on president obama's side says he is going to win. how do you measure it tonigh >> i mean you know obviously, i guess an obama rally you would feel differently. at this rally it seems like he has enormous enthusiasm. this has the feeling of a winning campaign. the enthusiasm here tonight was tremendous. if this s a is swing state i feel good about it even if the polls about even and even if obama has a lead of one or two i suspect the undecided votes are going to go to mitt romney. i have a pretty good feeling about ohio. and if he wins ohio, i think he wins and maybe president obama could feel the same way about it. this is probably the key state. >> greta: why do you all leave, ohio, and spread out across the country? why don't you al
on solving the long-term problem. if people wanted to do that, they could have elected paul ryan they did. >> he did campaign on it, the tax base and -- >> greta: it's sort part of the job, leadership for all of them, economic stewardship of the country. i mean, it's a little bit part of the job. >> the whole job. that's what we're they're here to do. >> greta: i'm being sarcastic. >> that's what bill woodward said, that clinton got it done. he can't lose this negotiation after winning re-election. >> we have by washington standards a long time to nothing out. this next month will go by really slowly. >> greta: the problem is we do need tax code reform, both democrats and republicans, and they won't do that in the next month. they've known for a year and a half this problem would arise. that's where i go back, have we held their feet to the fire? they aren't going to solve the problem and have known about it and haven't done it. >> that's right. they'll put a structure in place to get it done early. >> greta: very good at that. >> there's no doubt there's republican crumbling i think on t
Search Results 0 to 21 of about 22 (some duplicates have been removed)